This is the third year in a row that we are going to FOSDEM. Each year it was blast, and hopfully this one will be too.

Of course, the event starts with many nice Belgium beers. Looking forward to that.The talks on saturday and sunday which I will most likely go to are:

  • The Veripeditus AR Game Framework, by Dominik George / Eike Jesinghaus

    Recently I have formed an intrest in Virtual Reality. Purchased a Google Cardboard. Hope to see a bit more uses for this kind of technology.

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About “Hello, World”, by Brooks Davis

    A talk about the more internals of C.

  • Does your configuration code smell?, by Tushar Sharm

    Writting better configuration code is allways beter 😉

  • WebRender, the next generation graphics engine by Mozilla research, by Nicolas Silva

    Don’t really know anything about WebRendering, good oppertunity to learn something new 🙂

  • Introduction to A-Frame, by Eugenio Petullà

    Again, the VR stuff. But this time on the Web.

  • Computer games – not as easy as it looks, by Steven Goodwin

    The summary seemed interesting.

  • It’s time for datetime, by Mario Corchero

    Datetime is often used. Perhaps I can learn a few new tricks.

  • Hacking midi devices with StepPy, by Yann Gravrand

    Sequencers and Python, should be fun.

  • Debugging Hung Python Processes with GDB, by Brian Bouterse

    Usefull skills to have.

  • Desktop security, keeping the key to the castle safe, by Mickael Scherer

    Securing desktops… should be interesting.

  • WTF my container just spawned a shell, by Jorge Salamero

    Might be interesting.

Well, that is just a selection. Honestly I have not looked at overlaps (allways a problem). We’ll see where I end up.

Maybe I’ll see you there?