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About me


This is me! A Ph.D. student at the University of Twente. I work on detection of spam. My other interests lie with system administration, playing guitar and photography.

The blog

This page mainly serves as a page for me to blog about things I find interesting. Developments regarding my (professional) work can be found on the website of my Ph.D. project:


Blog posts

Below are the most recent blog posts displayed. Over time there might be moreā€¦

Matrix, Zabbix and Bots

Have you already heared about Matrix? The new chat protocol all the cool kids are using. All jokes aside, the cool thing about Matrix is that it allows bridging different[…]

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2018-05-10 0

Ph. D. and Master thesis

As of August the 30th I may call myself a Master of Science (MSc.). At that date I have successfully defended my thesis titled “Combating Snowshoe Spam with Fire”. People[…]

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2017-09-28 0

Virtual Reality Browser

For the last couple of weeks I have been developing a Virtual Reality Browser. In true Linux fashion, I was not satisfied with the VR Browsers available in the Google[…]

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2017-03-01 0