Bit of a late post, but better late than never. [FOSDEM 2017][1] was a nice time, as usual. Didn’t get to every talk I wanted to go to, but did see many interesting talks.Looking at the FOSDEM 2017 post, the first talk I had selected and actually attended was ‘Introduction to A-Frame’. A nice introductory talk about A-Frame. A-Frame being a framework for web based Virtual Reality applications. The inspector part is really neat. It allows one to edit a scene as if you are in a 3D modeler.

Another really noteworthy talk I attended was the ‘Debugging Hung Python Processes with GDB’. The idea was that you can use GDB to debug Python processes if you use the CPython interpreter. Given you installed packages to aid GDB in Python debugging, it would look like you used the Python debugger (PDB) instead. I should experiment with this myself.

In terms of goodies, FOSDEM 2017 was fruitful. I picked up three t-shirts for myself and one for my girlfriend. CZ.NIC had a booth promoting their Omnia Turris router. They had a challenge where you had to put your name on a display. This display was attached to the Omnia Turris. The solution was to connect to the access point, browse to the gateway and submit your name. As a reward you’d get a t-shirt. They were out of male medium and large t-shirts, so I got one for my girlfriend instead. The three shirts for myself were, a FOSDEM one, a Foreman one and a KDE one.

All in all, it was a nice time! [1]: /post/fosdem-2017/