If you know me in real life you might know that I am a Star Wars fan (my nickname is a hint…).

Couple of days ago I stumbled across a nice video. In this YouTube video David Welch explains in great detail how the editing team of Star Wars saved the movie. I never knew how much difference was between what was actually shot and how we know the film today. David compares the arrangement of scenes as they were originally planned with how we know them. Along with why the order didn’t work, or what kind of effect it has on the story.

Today I’ve come across a Thumblr post suggesting an alternative theory as to who Rey actually is. Spoilers, the theory goes like this: Rey is a clone of Anakin. In the post Adam Serwer argues why this is possible and why it is more likely than Rey being the daughter of Luke or of Han.

Now I’m stoked for the last film in the latest trilogy…