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Ph. D. and Master thesis

As of August the 30th I may call myself a Master of Science (MSc.). At that date I have successfully defended my thesis titled “Combating Snowshoe Spam with Fire”. People have often asked if ‘Fire’ is some kind of an acronym,  it ain’t 😉

2017-09-28 0

Bachelor thesis

My Bachelor assignment was the perfect way of deciding at which chair I wanted to follow the Electrical Engineering Master. I was interested in both the Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS) chair and the Telecommunication Engineering (TE) chair. Ultimately I decided to do my Bachelor assignment at the DACS chair. So I met…
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2015-04-05 0

The social bus stop, aka Aloha

In the past half year I have been working on my minor. My minor was called Art, Media and Technology. Or as it was know to us: Kunst, Media & Technologie. For the course Mediatechnology we had to create a prototype of something that would improve social communication.

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