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Matrix, Zabbix and Bots

Have you already heared about Matrix? The new chat protocol all the cool kids are using. All jokes aside, the cool thing about Matrix is that it allows bridging different chat protocols together. I always like to take the example of the chat room of the study association (Scintilla) I volunteer at. The same chat…
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2018-05-10 0

Ph. D. and Master thesis

As of August the 30th I may call myself a Master of Science (MSc.). At that date I have successfully defended my thesis titled “Combating Snowshoe Spam with Fire”. People have often asked if ‘Fire’ is some kind of an acronym,  it ain’t 😉

2017-09-28 0

Virtual Reality Browser

For the last couple of weeks I have been developing a Virtual Reality Browser. In true Linux fashion, I was not satisfied with the VR Browsers available in the Google Play Store, so I developed my own. Yes, I know, to really adhere to the fashion I should fork an existing one… It is, has…
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2017-03-01 0

FOSDEM 2017 part 2

Bit of a late post, but better late than never. FOSDEM 2017 was a nice time, as usual. Didn’t get to every talk I wanted to go to, but did see many interesting talks.

2017-03-01 0


This is the third year in a row that we are going to FOSDEM. Each year it was blast, and hopfully this one will be too. Of course, the event starts with many nice Belgium beers. Looking forward to that.

2017-02-03 0

Script collection

Today I decided to publish my script collection onto Github. As I often read on system administration blogs, a good sys-admin is a lazy sys-admin. Being a lazy sys-admin means writings scripts. And what is even lazier than writing script? Correct, copying them from someone else 😉

2015-04-06 0

Bachelor thesis

My Bachelor assignment was the perfect way of deciding at which chair I wanted to follow the Electrical Engineering Master. I was interested in both the Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS) chair and the Telecommunication Engineering (TE) chair. Ultimately I decided to do my Bachelor assignment at the DACS chair. So I met…
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2015-04-05 0

Linux Volume Manager and Kernel-based Virtual Machines

Few months ago I started experimenting with Linux Volume Manager (LVM). Being encouraged by friends who where already using LVM and showing me how easy it could be to resize partitions, make new ones, etc.

2014-04-22 0

The social bus stop, aka Aloha

In the past half year I have been working on my minor. My minor was called Art, Media and Technology. Or as it was know to us: Kunst, Media & Technologie. For the course Mediatechnology we had to create a prototype of something that would improve social communication.

2014-02-11 0